Startling-Revelation-from-Nani's-Heroine-Shraddha-SrinathThis is one of the startling revelations from an actress about something many wouldn’t find comfortable to reveal though it could be in the experiential orbit of most of the girls in India.

Nani’s heroine Shraddha Srinath of ‘Jersey’ fame was the one who made this startling revelation about an incident when she was 14 years old. She was in a family pooja function where she got her periods.

When she was worried about her protection without sanitary pads and whispering the same to her aunt, a lady’s response made the actress a non-believer. So, what could the lady have said? Any guesses?

“Don’t worry child. God will forgive you (for being part of the pooja while menstruating).” This response made her a non-believer and a feminist. There would be many turning points in one’s life and maybe, this is one of her turning points in her life.