Stars do not dare to touch Political subjects!

The Political temperature of the state suddenly heated up with demise of YS Rajasekhar Reddy in 2009. There are many dramatic events that too place after his death and all of them attracted the eyeballs of every citizen of the state. There is so much of drama which even some of our films lack. But we have not seen any star heroes cashing on the subject. But none of them touched it. In fact, Bollywood has taken stride in such subjects and Tollywood is in need of hour to bring in them.

Interestingly, some of our star heroes have political affiliations and even campaign for some parties during the elections. But they disappear all of sudden after elections, they just preach people whom to vote (according to their self interest) but do not take the responsibility of enlightening voters with good message in their movies. Nara Rohit’s Prathinidhi seem to be on similar lines. Hope he succeed and motivate his senior counterpart to take up such subjects!