India’s Bestselling writer Chetan Bhagat is showing the power of writer again to the trade. The much in demand writer is coming up with a new book titled Half-Girlfriend after a long gap. The book is yet to release but such is the demand that already many producers are fighting over its rights to make a movie. The real highlight here is that a director has been already fixed to direct the movie that is going to be made adapting the book. Mohit Suri of Ek Villain fame is the chosen one.

Almost all the Chetan Bhagat novels have been adapted into movies. Except for the very first such adaptation named Hello, rest of the movies made from his novels have been Super Hits. The biggest and most legendary one being 3 Idiots and the most recent one being 2 States. With such history behind him its no surprise the kind of demand he has in market. His latest novel Half- Girlfriend hits the stores on October 1. Let’s see if it lives up to the enormous hype or not.