Writer Kona VenkatStar writer Kona Venkat, at one point in time, used to call Pawan Kalyan his soulmate. In the industry, they were considered to be thick friends.

But things turned bitter when Kona Venkat gave an interview in Sakshi against Pawan Kalyan just before the 2019 elections, as one of Kona Venkat’s relatives is a key leader in the YSR Congress Party. Since then Pawan Kalyan fans have had a grudge against Kona Venkat.

Yesterday during the launch of Pawan Kalyan’s new film, The OG, Kona Venkat and Pawan Kalyan came face to face and greeted each other. Kona also shared some of his pics with Pawan Kalyan during the event on his social media handle.

But he turned off the comments section as he knew Pawan Kalyan fans would jump on the bandwagon and start abusing him again for his past deeds against Pawan.