Singer SunithaSinger Sunitha got married to entrepreneur Rama Krishna Veerapaneni this year amid close friends and family. The duo’s wedding although a private one drew much attention and the videos from the ceremony went viral on social media.

While the couple is busy with their respective careers where both are well-placed in their own fields, a lot of buzz even now surrounds on Sunitha’s husband’s earnings. Rama Krishna Veerapaneni is a popular name in film circles who owns private media Mango. Considering that he comes from a well-off position, talk on his earning has been doing rounds.

Singer Sunitha has now spoken on her husband’s earnings. She said that while a section even now says that the marriage happened citing monetary things, but she brushed it off. Sunitha ruled that to date she hasn’t asked about his earnings nor she keeps a tab on his business dealings.

Well, it is high time that the naysayers and trollers mind their own business and let the celebrities have their own private space.