Star Maa Rani Rudrama DeviStar Maa brings forth a female-led historic warrior story with “Rani Rudrama Devi”.

After years of bringing revolutionary stories to life, Star Maa has set the bar a little higher with its upcoming show Rani Rudrama Devi.

In its attempt to bring the grandeur of one of the most glorious queens in India and especially in the Deccan region, Star Maa had brought together the best team from across India, leaving no stone unturned in terms of budget and technical values.

Rudrama Devi is a familiar name in all of Telugu households. After living an idolized life and making herself a better part of Indian history, queen Rudrama Devi has been an inspiration for the young Indian minds for generations. Her epic adventurous journey as a female ruler succeeding in a man’s world has been one of the greatest stories ever written in history.

Star Maa is bringing this amazing tale to life as a gift to all the Telugu audience from the 18th of January. Made authentically in Telugu for the Telugu audience, Rani Rudrama Devi showcases the highest technical standards that were unheard of in the history of the Telugu small screen.

Join in on the remarkable ride that Star Maa proudly presents at 9 PM every day from the 18th of January .

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Press release by: Indian Clicks, LLC