salman-khan-adult-comedyWhen there a couple of hot steamy scenes in a movie, it is bound to be ‘A’ rated movie. When we watch the trailer of the upcoming adult genre film ‘Hate Story3’ from Bollywood, there is no surprise that it got an ‘A’. The main leads Daisy Shah and Zarine Khan who were launched by star hero Salman Khan.

Both the actresses looked hot and did bold scenes for the movie. Daisy Shah said that it was Salman who persuaded her to accept the movie while she was hesitating. That seemed very surprising as the actor mostly did movies which cater to the tastes of family audiences and youth.

Salman take on ‘A’ rated movies is really not expected. He thinks with all the bold scenes it would be a surprise if it doesn’t get an ‘A’. He opines that people should do films which attract audiences.