Tollywood_ActressShe is one of the in-demand heroines in Tollywood right now and she is looking at this happening Hero for quite a while.

The actress is so enthusiastic about their relationship and is always eager to announce it. But the actor for some reason never allow her to speak about it.

This actor had made a big ticket investment in realty – entertainment space.

There are rumors that the actress has invested all her hard earned money in this project and that too on the actor’s name. She did not get a single rupee return for her investment so far.

This actress for some reason is not even in talking terms with her parents as well. Her parents are lamenting about their daughter trusting this hero too much and emptying her purse for the hero’s dream project.

But the actress is in no mood to listen because she is in love head to heels. Let’s hope that all her love and trust will not be broken!