Tamil star Ajith started the trend of salt and pepper look with the film Mankatha and continued it in the films Arrambam and Veeram as well. While fans loved the look the look initially they thought that its time the star opted for a new look post Veeram as their favorite star was looking very old with young heroines in that look. Later the actor tonsured his head and many thought that he might go for a new look in his upcoming film with director Gautam Menon.

However latest buzz in Kollywood circles suggest that the actor might want to continue with the salt and pepper look. It seems that the actor wants to look as realistic as possible playing his age in the movies instead of going for a complete makeover. Also there seems to be a sentiment here as well. In between the three films with that look he did a film Billa 2 with clean shaven look and it failed big time at the box office. So even this sentiment seems to be considered for going with salt and pepper look despite fans wanting a change. With Gautam Menon at helm as director one need not be skeptic on the look’s front but it’s the films after that that should be worrying fans if the actor wants to continue the same look.