Star Hero Says His Nude Photos Are MorphedNot so long ago, Bollywood star Ranveer Singh made headlines with his nude photoshoot. He shared a series of nude photographs of himself on social media. This led to a case being filed against him in Mumbai. A case was filed against Ranveer, saying there is one photo where his private parts are seen and this is a violation of women’s modesty.

During the investigation, Ranveer reportedly told the police that one of the photos from the photoshoot was morphed and tampered with.

In the statement Ranveer gave to Mumbai police, he said that the 7 photographs he shared on social were not obscene and he was wearing underwear. He added that the photograph in which the complainant had alleged that his “private parts were visible” was morphed and not part of the photoshoot.

The police had sent the photo in question to the Forensic Department to determine if it is actually morphed. If it comes out that the photo is morphed, Ranveer will be given a clean chit.

“He provided us with all the photos taken during the photoshoot. The police team also checked his Instagram posts, which do not have the photograph that was given by the complainant” a police officer reportedly told media.