Star hero paid no money for poorly performed films

aamir khan movies and hits and flopsWho is the highest paid actor in Indian Cinema? How many crores is he paid? In Bollywood, which Khan is on the top in terms of earnings? All these questions seem very natural and one would expect a top hero like Aamir Khan’s remuneration be somewhere between 40-50 crores for a film. But his earning figures aren’t that easily calculable.

For a poorly performed movie, Aamir Khan doesn’t charge anything and for a superhit movie he gets his share from profits. Charging nothing for a failure!? That seems really fantastic unless we know the fact that none of his films failed since the past 15 years. And it is rumoured that Aamir’s share in a successful film is almost upto 80%.

The reason behind such stupendous successes is his choice of films. Aamir says he doesn’t choose films based on economics and his rationale says that it would make him a businessman and the output will be bad. So he chooses films that makes him happy and makes money for the makers as well. So far, his clause about charging almost nothing for a flop is a fiction because since he started choosing different films, Aamir never gave a flop movie.

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