MCU Jr NTRNTR recently spoke with a famous tabloid while attending a screening of RRR at the Directors Guild of America Awards in the US. When asked about the prospect of joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, NTR said he’s “waiting” for that call from the Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige.

It’s usual for any star to express their love and admiration for the Marvel franchise. They also mention their favorite character in that universe. But no actor has the guts to say he wants to be part of the Marvel Universe. It seems too far-fetched for any actor to say that.

But NTR being the NTR we all love, went ahead and said that he would love to be a part of the MCU, and is waiting for it to happen.

NTR also said that Iron Man is his favorite character from the Marvel Franchise. He added, “Iron Man is his particular favorite as he can hang with the Avengers even without having superpowers. He’s so relatable. He is someone like us. He does not have superpowers. He doesn’t come from a different planet. He’s not someone who has been put through a science experiment and become the Hulk.”

Well, we all would love to see a powerhouse of talent like NTR in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.