Star Hero Attacked At AirportNoted Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathi faced an unusual experience at the Bengaluru airport the other night. He was left bewildered following this unforeseen incident.

Going into the story, Vijay’s PA was attacked by a commoner at Bengaluru airport the other night. This incident happened after Vijay’s PA was clearing the walkway for the former and he allegedly pushed a commoner who was in the way.

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Enraged by Vijay’s PA’s act, the commoner plunged and kicked the former from the back. Vijay, who was walking alongside his PA took a blow from the kick, albeit a not-so fatal one.

The security personnel were quick to react and they tried to control the attacker. Interestingly enough, Vijay’s camp didn’t file a case against the perpetrator.

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Well, the PAs of celebrities tend to overact while in public. The aforementioned incident might be a case of the same, but with an unexpected twist towards the end. But it is mature of Vijay Sethupathi not to make a meal of it and avoiding filing a case.