akshay kumar rajinikanth ethiran2.0Both the fans of Superstar Rajnikanth and Bollywood star hero Akshay Kumar were overwhelmed when they came to know about the combination of Rajni playing the hero and Akshay playing the villain. Being a star hero himself, is Akshay open too be punched by Rajnikanth?

Akshay’s reply to this query leaves us bowled over for his modesty. He says that it is an honor to be punched by Rajnikanth, who is a wonderful performer and also a wonderful human being. Rajnikanth has many fans among Bollywood celebs and Akshay is one of them.

Akshay himself is popular as an action hero and when he is playing villain in the sequel of Robo, one can expect a different kind of action and many surprises even.