Aamir-Khan-Laal-singh-Chadda-OTTThere is a widespread opinion that the OTT revolution is clearly threatening the theatrical business. Filmmakers are now left with not many options but to curb the OTT effect on the theatrical industry.

Now, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has taken a very daring yet responsible decision pertaining to OTT release plans.

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“In view of the bleeding theatrical business, films can’t arrive on OTT so very soon after the theatrical release. It’s upon us to settle the same. My film won’t come on OTT anytime soon. In fact, it won’t be on OTT at least for 6 months. Either watch my film in theaters or wait for 6 months before it arrives on OTT,” Aamir Khan said in his latest interview.

OTT platforms have been paying big bucks for early release of recent films. The aim is to bring the film on their platforms in around 4 weeks. But if the film’s OTT release is held back for 6 months, it would mean that the producers would be losing the sizable payments they would be receiving from OTT platforms.

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But given the impact of OTT, it is a very responsible move from Aamir to hold back his film, Laal Singh Chaddha for 6 months. This could well propel the audience to watch the film in theaters. But will other states heroes follow the same OTT release plan?