Salman-Khan-Brother-Threatens-Legal-Action-Against-Flop-DirectorOnly a couple of days have passed since this director’s strong-worded accusation on the star and his family, here comes a reply from one of the brothers. He has threatened legal action.

The director in question here is Abhinav Kashyap. He is the brother of much revered and renowned Anurag Kashyap. Since his sensational debut with Dabangg that re-launched Bollywood Star Salman Khan’s career, Abhinav Kashyap has been entirely forgotten.

The only film that Abhinav Kashyap made since his debut in 2010, is the utterly forgettable and disastrous Besharam in 2013. He finally surfaced recently in the wake of the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput. He wrote an open letter accusing the Salman Khan family of sabotaging his career.

As expected, Arbaaz Khan has responded. He has been associated closely with Abhinav Kashyap. He was the producer for Dabangg which marked the directorial debut of Abhinav Kashyap.

It will be interesting to see if Abhinav goes all the way in the battle. He has previously mentioned that there are recorded conversations and SMSs of the various threats that he received.

Apart from Arbaaz, the only other member to respond to the accusation is their father, Salim Khan. The latte has dismissed Abhinav Kashyap as a non-entity, and don’t wish to waste time by even commenting on him.