jhansi at kick2 audio launchAli once said in an interview, “There is no one in the industry who can warn me.” The context in which Ali said this is regarding controversies on his indecent comments and comedy on stage, on anchor Suma and top heroine Samantha during various film events. Ali might have felt it was comedy, but audiences truly felt it was indecent.

Top anchor Jhansi who became immensely popular for impersonating different characters in her telly superhit show ‘Talk of the Town’, repeated the same concept in the audio launch event of ‘Kick 2’. She impersonated a character named ‘Bali’ (suggestive and dressed like Ali) and appeared on stage with a gum tape plastered her mouth.

She explained, “I’m Bali (sounds like Ali). Whatever I talk, people say it’s boothu (cuss word). Hence I got my mouth plastered as they would anyway silence it with a ‘beep.” Well, can Ali still deny what people think of his comedy these days? Even his fraternity knows what he is doing and how it sounds. What say?