Stand Up Rahul TeaserThe teaser of Stand Up Rahul has been unveiled by Rana Daggubati a while ago. The teaser begins with good BGM and a sneak peek of Raj Tarun’s role who essays a stand-up comedian. It is all about originality says a stand-up comedian but Raj Tarun does contrast to it, who makes people bored to death with his stale jokes.

While Varsha Bollamma says marriage is about trust, Raj Tarun says in a jest that is all about the test. While the plot is not revealed but the coming-of-age drama shows how playful, lively Raj Tarun’s role suddenly gets immersed into darkness who vents out anger at the Stand Up Comedy Club.

We also get to see a glimpse of director Venkatesh Maha. The teaser is refreshing and vibrant and going by the cut it is appealing which is likely to connect with urban youth in general among others. The rom-com film is all about Raj Tarun how he gets changed and takes up a stand in his life. Vennela Kishore’s role is promising to add flavour to the teaser.

The teaser ends on a hilarious note with Raj Tarun stating if a guy is single he is ‘puli’ and if he is with a girl, then he becomes ‘pulihora’, implying a frustrated guy in love life. Debutant Santo Mohan Veeranki is wielding the megaphone and is presented by Dream Town Productions and HighFive Pictures.

Have a glimpse of the refreshing teaser: