Stalin wins the trailer battle over Jai HoJai Ho is the remake of Telugu film Stalin starring Chiranjeevi in the lead. Salman Khan who is currently going through the best phase of his career as far as getting massive successes are considered is reprising the role of Chiranjeevi in the remake. With remakes comparisons are often inevitable and Jai Ho is no different in this aspect. The film has created great curiosity with its first look posters which were clearly better than those of Stalin but it’s not the same with the first trailer though.

As few days have passed and the hype has settled down a bit, it is clear that the as far as trailer goes Stalin leads by a margin. The major difference being despite both films being inspired by a Hollywood movie only the Telugu version had come off as a genuine inspired attempt. The Hindi version on the other hand is coming off as a rip off of both the English original and well as scene by scene remake of the Telugu version thereby lacking on any bit of originality. All the creativity seems to have gone into making the posters attractive. One has to wait and see if this impression changes going forward.