Staffers of TRS MP Nabbed by CBI in A Bribery CaseAccording to a report by NDTV, the Central Bureau of Investigation has caught three men after they were caught taking bribe from a person. These three men, Rajib Bhattacharya, Shubangi Gupta, and Durgesh Kumar, were reportedly caught at a TRS MP’s official residence in Delhi.

Rajib Bhattacharya, Shubangi Gupta, and Durgesh Kumar were receiving bribe from a person named Manmeet Singh Lamba, at TRS MP Kavitha Maloth’s official residence in Delhi. When questioned, Kavitha said that Kumar is her driver and that she’s not aware of who the other two are.

These three men are said to have told Lamba that they are personal assistants to Ms. Maloth. Bhattacharya first approached Mr. Lamba and asked him to help him save his house from being demolished by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. Bhattacharya is then said to have introduced Gupta as Ms. Maloth’s alleged coordinator, and Gupta is then said to have brought in Kumar. They are said to have asked Mr. Lamba for Rs. 5 Lakhs and the amount was then brought down to Rs. 1 Lakh.

Suspecting some foul play, Mr. Lamba is said to have informed the CBI about this, which is when they came into the picture. The CBI is currently carrying on an investigation into the claims of the three men being assistants to Kavitha Maloth.