SS Rajamouli is unarguably the most successful director among all the directors in Tollywood.With the success of Eega, he had completed double hat trick success. The subject of his ninth movie, Eega can be told in a single line – A house fly’s revenge. And that too that line is revealed ages ago. And which such a bizarre concept and thin line subject, it is often difficult for a director to narrate a story convincingly for two and half hours but he came out convincingly.

And now, what is the success secret of Rajamouli? Being closely associated with industry for a long time, I know his secret and can say it in a word. Its ‘Hard work’. And the question next comes is? What about the others? Other directors do work hard but are not on par with SSR. There is no department in movie making that Rajamouli is not involved. He takes good care of his staff, pays them heavily, rewards hard work and demands dedication from them and they all respond positively to him. And because of all these factors, SSR – Sure shot Success Rajamouli

And coming to the rank of Rajamouli, His rank is all from 1-10, leaving a wide gap from him and his contemporaries.