SS Rajamouli Villian

Actor Sudeep has become quite a name in the Tollywood film industry following his appearance in Eega and RGV’s Rann in negative characters. In view of this phenomenon, many people belonging to the industry believe that playing out the role of a negative character seems to be the way of Tollywood these days.

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S.S.Rajamouli who is currently working on a new film called Baahubali believes that the focus of the audience is shifting from the hero to the villain and this in turn has brought about the presence of a ‘negative lead’. According to him, the movies of today are not merely about a hero and a villain, it is more about the interaction between the two which has led to the presence of a strong villain.

With this phenomenn prevalent in the industry, more and more actors are opting out of the tradition hero role and playing the villain characters.

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