SSMB28 Generating More Interest On This!SSMB28, the most awaited film in the combination of Trivikram Srinivas, and Superstar Mahesh Babu is in the news among the fans, again. And it is for a reason that relates to the tastes of the director rather than the potential content.

Ever since SSMB28 is announced it has been in the news regarding its cast and crew. There was a lot of talk around the heroine initially. Pooja Hegde is confirmed for that part. Now, we hear buzz regarding the second heroine.

It is known from the start that there would be two heroines. As a result, multiple names were thrown around in the past. Fans too have had a field day given Trivikram’s choices for the second female lead.

Right from Jalsa, Trivikram has had good second female leads which have become a trend of sorts in his films. With that in mind, the buzz is that Nabha Natesh is under consideration for the role in SSMB28.

Parvati Melton, Kamilinee Mukherjee, Anupama Parameswaran, Esha Rebba, Nivetha Pethuraj etc. have played supporting female lead parts previously. They have definitely benefited by being part of a Trivikram movie. We have to see if that turns out the case with SSMB28.

Meanwhile, SSMB28 is expected to be on sets from November. Trivikram is reportedly working on the script and a final narration will be given shortly.