Rajamouli’s Comment On Caste SystemRajamouli is the biggest commercial film director in Indian cinema and not many can debate this fact. But Rajamouli too, faces caste remarks from the native Telugu community.

Even after delivering global blockbusters, Rajamouli faces casteist comments. A section of Tollywood followers and media, attribute him to the Kamma community and spit venom on him.

Rajamouli was asked about the caste system in India by a leading Hollywood media outlet and he had a very interesting response.

“My family members are against caste system. In fact I didn’t even know what my caste was until I went to my college. My father came down to fill down my form and there was column about our caste. He refused to fill it. That was the first time I came to know about the caste system” Rajamouli said.

Rajamouli never associates with casteism nor does his body of work reflect anything like that. But sadly, he often faces casteist remarks from a section of Telugu community.