SS RajamouliFor reasons best known to them, a section of media has been crying foul on Rajamouli and RRR right from the day of the film’s release. For whatever petty reasons, they’re trying to bring down the fame of the film, or at least they’re thinking they’re at it.

But with the Golden Globe win today, RRR and the master craftsman behind it, Rajamouli has put them to shame.

There’s absolutely no reason for them to hold something against a talismanic personality like Rajamouli who’s putting Indian cinema and more so, Telugu cinema on the global map. But that isn’t stopping a section from spitting venom on him.

There’s a dialogue in KGF 2 where the hero says “you haters keep crying, I’ll keep ruling” this perfectly suits Rajamouli now.

That’s not all. RRR is still in the run for the mighty Oscars. This section of media will continue to cry foul on Rajamouli even then in case RRR doesn’t win an award.

But what they need to put into their brains is that Rajamouli has taken his product to the world’s biggest accreditation while all they’re left with is crying on him.

And if RRR actually goes on to win an award in any category, Rajamouli will reign supreme while this crying section of media will be invalidated. Not that they aren’t already.