Rajamouli Newyork Film Critics Circle AwardRajamouli received the reputed New York Film Critics Circle Award for the Best Director today and he came up with a lengthy and witty speech at the same.

“I’d like to thank our USA distributor for giving us this wide release. Then my fashion designer today for coming up with a dress that hides my shivering legs” Rajamouli started off on a witty note.

Rajamouli added “In India, we watch films in an incredible manner. We don’t get to see the picture or hear the sound amidst all the excitement and exuberance. But we still watch them for the thrill. In the case of RRR, I saw such hysteria in the west”.

About his scripts and storytelling, Rajamouli said “I want my heroes to have super humane arcs. But their superhero-like acts should be driven by a strong emotional cause. This is the emotion that strike a chord with the audience across the globe.

Rajamouli vowed to make films that cater to the global audience henceforth.

Lastly, Rajamouli thanked Jr NTR, Ram Charan and his crew for their incredible efforts which bought RRR to life on the big screens.