SS RajamouliNTR’s Simhadri was released the other day as the actor’s Birthday special. While fans celebrated it big time, there are fans of others fighting them showing proof that the movie did not do well in some place or the other.

Today, there was an announcement about the first-day collections of the Re-release. Hell broke loose from there. NTR fans claim they have the Day 1 record.

Mega fans say Kushi is still the first and Mahesh fans say Simhadri did not break Pokiri’s record. The fanbases are trending their own hashtags supporting their versions.

Ordinary people are left scratching their heads what is this madness and joblessness of fighting over the collections of films that were released many years ago?

Probably, the culprit is Rajamouli. The Sheer dominance of Rajamouli’s films at the box office means there is less interest in collections because it is all about non-Rajamouli records.

Even if Rajamouli films have stars like Prabhas, NTR, and Ram Charan, the collections credit is always with Rajamouli.

There is very little kick in fighting over non-Rajamouli records, especially since the Rajamouli numbers are in 1000 Crores and the rest are in the 100-200 Crore range. So, the fans are fighting over numbers in Re-releases.

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