Rajamouli Explains RRR’s ‘Global Hit’ NTR SceneFor those who don’t already know, Jr NTR’s interval bang scene from RRR got a monstrous response from all quarters.

In fact, a simple unofficial video clipping of NTR jumping out with the animals in the interval scene clocked over 13 million views on Twitter. It is safe to say that this particular sequence is a global hit as even western audience were in awe of the same.

In his latest interaction with Russo Brothers of The Gray Man fame, Rajamouli opened up about this particular sequence.

“This scene came from NTR’s character designing. We had to build the sequence based on the character’s strengths. Bheem is from jungle and it is natural for him to have connection with animals. That’s how this sequence was designed. Moreover, I like to surprise the viewers and am happy that this sequence became a revelation,” Rajamouli said.