kkrShah Rukh Khan follows Pawan Kalyan's success mantra!

There is a little similarity between Pawan Kalyan and Shah Rukh Khan. Both of them enjoy immense popularity and get humongous openings for all their films. Till the release of Gabbar Singh, Pawan Kalyan suffered a lean patch and finally, the flop drought ended with Gabbar Singh. The movie elevated the heroism in Pawan Kalyan and the movie was made according to the likes of fans and the result is a big hit.

SRK is also in similar stage till the last Friday. His movies received good openings but failed to convert the starts. Finally Rohit Shetty portrayed the actor as how the fans would like to see him and the result is a big hit to Shah Rukh Khan. So, Pawan Kalyan’s success mantra worked for Bollywood Baadshah too!