Srinu Vaitla Wife Paints Rosy PictureSrinu Vaitla‘s wife Santoshi Roopa Vaitla didn’t like to discuss the reasons behind the issues that crept up her into her marriage two years ago. At present, Srinu Vaitla and Roopa Vaitla are in happy space and hence she didn’t want to talk about what led to what.

In a recent interview, Roopa revealed that their relationship is really strong today and that is what matters to her the most than talking about the disturbances that had been a thing of the past. One and a half years ago she filed a harassment case on Srinu Vaitla and within a day she withdrew the case.

Now, Vaitla’s wife says that they talk about every issue. She wants to talk about only how they are standing and where they are standing in their relationship as there is no point talking about misunderstandings. Well said. When she says all is well, why delve into something she doesn’t want to reveal?