Srinu-Vaitla-Gopi-Mohan-Ram-Charan-Kona-venkat‘I don’t like to be brooding on my past and failures. Hence moved on like every technician does. If one doesn’t move on, then he will be stagnated and can’t further go on,’ says star writer Kona venkat. The context in which he made these statements is his most unpopulated tiff with director Srinu Vaitla.

He blames media for digging the enmity between them and alleges that media doesn’t want their fight to end. When there are so many incidences of fighting even between Nations, the media is focusing on their fight says Kona. He adds, ‘We worked together and travelled along. Like in a family, we too had differences. Again we met and had differences. This would go on as like in every relationship.’

What does that mean? Isn’t he confirming that they had differences when they met again for Bruce Lee? In this glamour industry, every trifle thing of the celebs comes under media scanner as public are interested. If everything is well between Kona and Vaitla, how can media spread something out of the blues? Well, Kona wants to end this all and doesn’t want media to dig on the matter further.