srinivas-reddy-apologizes-for-his-rude-behavior-on-stageSrinivasa Reddy took the entire media by storm when spoke on a vulgar note at the success meet of A.Aa. Speaking at the event, Reddy funnily joked about how the reviewers who slammed the movie are biting the dust and they should destress by pressing any ball they like.

These words created a hot discussion and many slammed Reddy for his shocking comments. Clarifying this in his latest interview, Reddy said that it was the only incident in his entire film career which upset him big time.

Reddy revealed that he felt so bad after he said those words and his family also reprimanded him as to think twice before talking such words.

Adding further, he said that he understood the seriousness of his mistake only when the media started talking that it was director Trivirkam Srinivas who made him say all these things on stage.

Reddy publicly apologized to everyone and Trivirkam on the show about his words and said that he would never make such silly comments in future functions or events.