Srinivas Avasarla a Racquetball player

He has proved his mettle with neat performances as character actor, but actor Srinivas Avasarla has achieved something that will make us all proud. He is representing India in the ongoing Racquetball Asian championship in Seoul, South Korea this weekend.

Apparently, he got hooked on to the game when he was studying in the US, but had to discontinue after he relocated to Hyderabad to get into films. But he started playing again after he met someone who was equally passionate about the game, and since then has been playing every weekend. He feels the game is different from Squash and is not quite popular in India, but has a lot of popularity in US, Canada, Korea and Japan. He hopes to win the Championship with Srikiran Kandadai, who is also representing India in the sport.

Does this mean his acting career will take a backseat? He says that he plays the sport just as a hobby and has no aspiration to make a career out of it. He is gearing up for the release of Chandamama Lo Amrutham, and also his directorial debut soon.