avasarala-srinivas-TV-ShowKing Nagarjuna has created a sensation of sorts with his super hit game-quiz show ‘Meelo Evaru Koteeshwarulu’. The success of his show has been the family audience along with youth. Catering to the tastes of all age groups had been Nag show’s USP. Of late, one more Tollywood celebrity is also venturing into television in the same genre Nag hoisted his success flag.

Avasarla Srinivas, accepted as the one of the most talented youngsters of the new age film makers is coming up with a new quiz show which would be aired on a popular channel on daily basis. The actor turned film maker has already shot 18 episodes with high school going children within 3 days and is very excited about his TV show and opines it is both fun and strenuous.

With Nagarjuna’s ‘MEK season-2′ on cards, one has to see how far Srinivas’ show would overcome Nag’s factor and lure audience to his show. Despite the fact that both the shows may not go on air simultaneously, Nag’s super success on his television debut is going to make the audience to weigh Srinivas’ show by the standards set up MEK.