Avasarala Back to Comedy & Wacky Script

Avasarala Back to Comedy & Wacky Script Avasarala Srinivas’ recent release ‘Babu Baaga Busy’ which was a first of its kind sex comedy in Telugu, tanked miserably at the box-office. It’snot the content that led to the failure but the lack of proper narration that led to the failure.

Avasarala is now back to his forte, i.e., comedy. He is going to come with ‘Ami Thumi’ along with another young hero Adivi Sesh. This movie belongs to the genre of screwball comedy in which the wacky is blended well with the sophisticated. So, we are going to have a feast of sorts with Avasarala’s and Adivi’s Sesh’s wacky comedy.

This movie is being directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti. Avasarala will be seen speaking chaste Telangana dialect and playing a guy who is simple, but funny. He is happy for playing a Hyderabadi as he grew up in Hyderabad and is quite comfortable with the accent.

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