Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Srimannarayana is all set to release worldwide on August 30th in record number of theaters. The actor will be seen in the role of a journalist in the movie. Here is the SWOT analysis of the movie

Hype and expectations from fans has been the major problem for all Balayya movies so far. Unlike the other movies, Srimannarayana is releasing rather silently. RR Movie Makers, the presenters are doing good promotion for the movie which will help in case the movie manages good talk

The recent movies of Balayya got great openings either due to good combination or unique get ups of Balayya. Incidentally, Srimannarayana did not have both of them. Director Ravi Chawali is coming from a flop streak. Also we will have to see how Balayya manages youthful getup through out the movie.

The expectations on the movie from audience seem to be very low which will help the movie if it is up to the minimum range.With Julayi and Devudu Chesina Manushulu getting subdued, the movie will have no competition till the release of Shirdi Sai on September 6th.RR Movie Makers have managed to get good release for the movie and are keeping commendable efforts in publicity and promotion too.

If the initial talk is bad all the weaknesses mentioned above can turn in to real threats and can damage the openings of the movie. Off late Balayya movies have become Hits or flops no intermediates. Lets see if Balayya manages to deliver a winner.