Srimannarayana Movie Live Updates (Live Now)

Balakrishna’s Srimannarayana Movie Live Updates Exclusive. (Refresh for Updates)

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– Movie is over. Balayya’s look stands as a big highlight of the movie. Visit our review section for collective reviews from all popular Telugu critics for detailed web reviews.
– Zero candle bulb lo velu pettu cheema kuttinattu vuntundi 60 candle bulb ni touch chey shock kodutundi kaani kodaka nuvvu trasformer ni touch chesav madipotavv..(Theater roars for Balayya’s dialogue delivery)
– Climax time now.
– 6 adugula abbai with two heroines started. Excellent dance.
– Fight in Forest is going on at the moment.
– Aahuti Prasad gets killed and after some twists Balayya comes out of jail.
– Jailer Aahuti Prasad helps Balayya to go out of jail.
– Balayya in Narasimhaswamy get up – Feast for fans.
– Song with Isha ..Takatai Takatai started. Good locations in this song.
– Balakrishna Entry in a different get up with long hair and French cut.
First Half completed. Movie is good so far.
– Balakrishna kills Kota but still in Jail.
– Balakrishna goes to Kota’s home in King get up.
– Kota and group steals the money.
– Balakrishna in Jail, discussion about Satyam scam.
– Balayya gets trapped in to 5000 Cr scam.
– Isha gets kidnapped.
– Twist about Balayya’s father (Not revealing it here to keep the excitement)
– Ottedduna 3rd song with Parvathy Melton just started. Balayya’s dance steps are impressive in this song.
– Balayya’s father collecting funds for farmers.
– Two songs and one fight finished so far. Balayya’s dance is good so far.
– 2nd song Chalaki started with Isha Chawla’s with exposing and Balakrishna in different costumes.
– VijayKumar is Balayya’s father.
– Comedy between Krishna Baghavan, MS pantullu comedy is good.
– Villains entry…Jaya Prakash.
– Dharmavarapu Subramanyam comedy is going on at the moment.
– First song (Kya be) with Parvathi Melton.
– Balakrishna appearance is good, needs a special mention.
– First fight started..Kadapa Roads dialogue gets good response in theater.
– Balakrishna Entry in formal dress, simple and neat.
– Titles started with talking about Land Mafia.