Actor Srikanth is one person in Tollywood, who made it big in the industry without any film background. Only his hard work and his performances fetched him the place which he has today in Tollywood. As an actor he is fine but as a person, he too has his share of fears and failures. On the occasion of Rakhi, his elder sister Nirmala reminisced how she is more a mother to him than his sister. When still young, how Srikanth was obsessed about thieves and his adventures during Diwali and many more things.

Speaking about one particular episode, Nirmala remembers that one day how Srikanth was saddened by her father’s comments on neglecting his studies. Feeling dejected and very angry Srikanth set out to the nearby irrigational canal to commit suicide. Immediately his sister ran behind him and persuaded him to come back home and pacified his anger and dejection. Srikanth shares such a bond with his sister that he even came along with Nirmala to her in-laws’ home when she got married.