vFor some it may seem barbarous, but Disco Shanthi, wife of actor late Srihari fondly remembers her husband how he used to beat her whenever he was in total stress. Sometimes he used to beat her to the extent that she bleeds and her face becomes swollen to the extent that,it takes 3-4 days to get back to normal.

Shanthi shared her fights with her husband and says that those kind of fights are common in any family. Not only after marriage, even before marriage, once he beat her and later came to apologize her. The same thing used to happen after marriage and once he beats her, Srihari used to take her to keep in a hotel till she gets back to normal.

Srihari used to drink heavily and this habit was there right from the beginning, even before marriage. Shanthi wasn’t complaining on his drinking or beating habits and her perseverance shows how compromising she had been. But the same drinking habit had been the reason for Srihari’s acute illness and his untimely death.