Teaser Talk: Crisp And To The Point Tease The teaser of Santosh Sobhan’s new film Sridevi Shoban Babu is out. It is neatly cut, highlighting the leads and a core plot element. The voiceover narrative makes the whole thing look crisp. For a teaser, it serves the purpose, and that’s it.

As one could have guessed from the title, Sridevi Shoban Babu, the movie would be all about the leads. Here Santosh Sobhan and Gouri G Kishan play those roles. They provide the dynamic on which the entire narrative rests. From the teaser, it looks like the director, Prashanth Kumar Dimmala, has got it right.

The clash of the leads over property is what is hinted at in the teaser as a plot. It is wafer-thin, and we have to see the trailer to make a better judgement. Whatever might be the final case, the chemistry between Santosh and Gouri has to be strong to pull off the whole thing.

Check out the teaser below. Naga Babu and Rohini are seen essaying other critical roles. Kamran provides the catchy music heard in the teaser. Vishnu Prasad and Sushmita Konidela produce Sridevi Shoban Babu on the GoldBox Entertainment banner. A release date for the movie has not been locked yet and will be known later.