Sri-Reddy-Worked-in-Sakshi-for-2.5-YearsSri Reddy’s Vulgar Abuse on Pawan Kalyan the other day has hogged the limelight and invited so much of flak from Pawan Kalyan fans. There are allegations that TDP is behind her to tarnish the image of the Janasenani. Some people say she is brought out to tarnish YSR Congress at the behest of the TDP Government.

Sri Reddy herself clarified her political affiliation in a selfie video posted on Facebook. “When I am in deep trouble, I was given work at Sakshi. The organisation fed me for 2.5 years during the worst phase of my life. I am not someone who will betray the people who feed. At the sametime, I have nothing against TDP as well,” Sri Reddy said.

YSR Congress supporters are taken back by this revelation especially since they are trying to build a narrative that TDP is behind Sri Reddy trying to defame Pawan Kalyan. They are trying to widen the gap between Janasena and TDP so that the new entrant into Andhra Politics do not split the anti-government vote and benefit the ruling party.