Sri Reddy casting Couch allegations on Raghava Lawrence and actor SriramAs Sri Reddy shifted her focus to Tamil film industry by making allegations on Lawrence and Murugadoss. With an eager to ask if she can show some proofs for her allegations, a Tamil reporter held an interview with her and she threw a hypothetical answer ton his face.

When the interviewer asked if she has proofs of Lawrence sexually harassing her, she said: “I have to keep a camera in my vagina or on my boobs.” Sri Reddy also claimed that she was not expecting Lawrence to behave so and hence was not prepared to keep a proof of anything when she met him.

As usual, the woman claimed that Lawrence offered her a commitment of giving her good opportunities in the film industry and hence she slept with him. And then she never forgets to respect his skill though he has this nasty habit as she says, “I respect him for he is a dance guru”. We just wonder, how hard is that for one to understand that none of this is going to make sense without proper evidence? And there was a mutual consent there hence cannot be called a sexual harassment. Maybe it is time for Sri Reddy to come up with a better method to prove her argument.