Sri-Reddy---NaniWhile everyone has got an idea of Sri Reddy‘s chapter closed with one wrong step of touching Pawan Kalyan. But looks like the lady is not ready to agree on the failure yet. She started to appear again in front of media with the same force of allegations on celebrities.

Speaking at Press Club in Hyderabad, the actress yet again took the names of Kona Venkat, Sekhar Kammula and Nani claiming that she would open everything about the duo what all happened between her and these celebrities soon. Claiming that she won’t be scared of anyone, Sri Reddy said that she would use law and face them.

Does she have any leaks with Nani or Sekhar Kammula ready to release online? We have seen her opening up everything about her relationship with Abhiram Daggubati. She may do it for Nani too, if she really has any proofs to show. Let us see if this is just a false alarm or a threat to Nani.