Sri-Reddy---DorasaniSri Reddy and Jeevitha Rajasekhar have had a couple of episodes of media fight. The former actress back-lashed Sri Reddy badly for her vulgar posts and her stripping act on the road. Now Sri Reddy got a right moment to question her back with proof and that is the lip lock scene of Jeevitha’s daughter in Dorasani.

Sri Reddy started off with the post of a video where Jeevitha literally fired on Degree College makers for the bold content where the trailer showed a lot of lip-locks and make out scenes that too on the college bench in the classroom.

She said these are the things that one does in bedrooms and not done on the road which is why the makers should think twice on what to show not just depend on the lip-lock scenes to attract a young audience.

Now Sri Reddy took the point of her blaming the makers for showing lip locks and having her daughter sport the same lip-lock with Anand Deverakonda in Dorasani. The scene is very apt and promising for that situation in the film and there is no question on that, but why Jeevitha who was speaking against these kissing scenes allowed her daughter to do it on screen? What is your take on Sri Reddy’s point?