Sri-Reddy---Sundeep-KishanSri Reddy is taking a ride on Tamil and Telugu film industries alternatively taking shockingly big names every day. Today it is the turn of Tamil Industry. Well, you may call him the two-state star. Taking her official platform to connect with her audience, the actress pulled out another name to blame.

“such a fraud nd such a bad attitude guy..such a dirty guy on the earth..U bloody stinky di..k,he need every women as his di.. k lover..suffered wt this nasty person..thu ..he is nonother than tamil hero sandeep kishanal#tamilleaks”, she wrote. She is no new to use nasty language and calling him dirty names she alleged that Sundeep Kishan is a playboy who loves to get every woman.

Sundeep previously suffered such rumors of the hero maintaining a list of young girls who came to the industry (read here) with portfolio’s aspiring to be heroines and thus involved in casting couch. He dismissed those rumors then though. Now, these allegations of Sri Reddy might just dig the unwanted history of the hero again.