Sri-Reddy-Drama-like-Hollywood-Script!The drama continues after Sri Reddy leaked the hand behind using the most abusive cuss word on Pawan Kalyan. Continuing the drama, an audio tape was released by transgender Tamanna in which Sri Reddy was heard crying over her mistake and the involvement of YSRCP in the entire episode.

The way the truth was revealed shows that the story is much more complicated than what caught our eye, till date. It’s more like a scripted complicated Hollywood drama. There is a mention of YSRCP’s sketch in the entire episode, but things are kept in ambiguity without revealing the details. Is Sri Reddy refraining from revealing the details?

For the uninitiated, POW Sandhya revealed RGV’s hand behind Sri Reddy abusing Pawan Kalyan for no particular reason. Now, the controversial actress had made a self-goal and lost all the credibility regarding her fight against casting coach. The junior artists who were behind her aren’t trusting her, anymore.