Sri-Reddy-Drags-'Jersey'-Heroine-into-MireJersey‘ is running to packed theatres in the Telugu States and one can easily say that the movie is running towards recording a blockbuster in the coming days. Once again, controversial actress Sri Reddy surfaced on the screen making derogatory comments on Nani, telling tales about him in the form of puzzles and riddles.

If that is not enough, she targeted Nani’s present heroine Shraddha Srinath commenting on her language and performance. Sri Reddy mocked the actress in a funny manner. It’s clear that she is once again asking why a non-Telugu girl is chosen who can’t mouth Telugu dialogues properly. In reality, there is nothing to mock with regard to ‘Jersey’ heroine’s dialogue delivery or performance. She has done her part well.

The only person from whom Nani has been receiving abuses is Sri Reddy. Her allegations went to the next level when she even dragged his wife into the mire. Nevertheless, the natural star has been maintaining dignified silence though he chose to respond on her allegations, once or twice. Instead of praising Nani’s performance in ‘Jersey’, Sri Reddy came out with mockery. Is anyone listening to Sri Reddy?