Sri Reddy's Counter to Pawan Kalyan and Roja‘Thaata Teestha’ and ‘Panchaloodatheesi Kodatha’ were two of the most popular punch dialogues of Pawan Kalyan, the former punch dialogue on KCR before the last elections and the latter during his Praja Rajyam Party campaign days.

Questioning on these punch dialogues, Sri Reddy observes that these type of punch dialogues and criticism is very common in politics and for a person who takes a lead for a cause. So, Pawan Kalyan is no exception in using the above-said abuses in the name of punch dialogues.

As a counter to Pawan Kalyan’s punches when in PRP, Roja attacked Pawan Kalyan big time asking if he laid his wife also (Renu Desai who was a film actress) to sleep with others. The same Roja has been praising Pawan Kalyan after turned against TDP and has been hell-bent on attacking CBN and the news channels which alleges are working on the behalf of TDP.

Sri Reddy made sense this time when she questioned why Pawan was silent when she attacked him, in the past.