sri reddy suresh babu son Abhi Ram Daggubati Leaked photosProving the speculations right that the first big name that she is going to leak might be Abhiram Daggubati’s name, Sri Reddy leaked the first proof, pics in which she is very intimate with Suresh Babu’s younger son, Abhiram Daggubati.

When she had earlier revealed on the national television channel that Suresh Babu’s son exploited her sexually, there was a confusion whether it was Rana or Abhiram. But then, the pointer had been towards Abhiram and that proved right.

So, Sri Reddy is doing what she had threatened, already. The first big name is out and everyone is eagerly waiting for Suresh Babu’s reaction and especially, the reaction of Tollywood biggies and others. Looks like, she has done a lot of background work with the help of women’s outfits who are demanding the government to take action against the biggies on whom Sri Reddy has been making allegations.

sri reddy suresh babu son Abhi Ram Daggubati Leaked Private photos