Koratala-Siva---Sri-ReddySri Reddy started to make headlines again after a gap by taking names over. She started to give interviews again and the hosts are making the best use out of it to know what is the actual reason for the pause and what happened during this phase.

Asked if Koratala Siva has offered her a deal of 50 lakhs for not speaking further, Sri Reddy pardoned to pass the question saying that she cannot give a clarity on the same reasoning that distributors have already bought the film and wouldn’t want to make the film controversial, and hence would speak of this settlement later as the movie is in theaters.

Also, asked if Teja was taking revenge for losing Venkatesh’s film by offering films to Sri Reddy to leak Abhiram’s pictures, the actress denied the same and clarified that Teja offered her films to ask her not to spoil the film’s reputation anymore by taking the celebrity names out.

Well, she seems to be ready with the second series of leaks this time. Let us see how many more naughty biggies and their stories are going to see light in the name of Sri Reddy.